Frank Conversations? My weekly housewives recap (two finales in two nights)

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I have to say, this was the snoozer of most #RHONJ finales. Nothing really happened! The Envy Fashion show was boring. I did tear up when Melissa talked about feeling a tug on her pillow (the evening of her father’s death anniversary).

I think the best part was Dolores and Teresa icing Kathy out! I mean, I almost felt bad for her. Her days as a Friend of a Housewife are done. Continue reading

My Virginal Real Housewife Blog Post!

When I started this blog, it was inevitable that I would write about Real Housewives. I watch all of them religiously. I tweet like someone possessed! I then get riled up by adrenaline and wine. I calm down by calling watch what happens hoping my carefully written questions will be selected by producers even thought I slur the words with my affected, southern, gay-inflected voice. It’s cringe-worthy.

So, do I write posts about each episode? I can’t drink, tweet, and formulate a written response? I don’t have it in me. But it’s been a few days and I can still deliver an opinionated recap faster than an Atlanta Housewife (even thirsty Kenya). So, let’s do this!

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