Frank Conversations? My weekly housewives recap (two finales in two nights)

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I have to say, this was the snoozer of most #RHONJ finales. Nothing really happened! The Envy Fashion show was boring. I did tear up when Melissa talked about feeling a tug on her pillow (the evening of her father’s death anniversary).

I think the best part was Dolores and Teresa icing Kathy out! I mean, I almost felt bad for her. Her days as a Friend of a Housewife are done. Continue reading

Locker Room Talk

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Image from a JohnnyBarrtoons Work in Progress, “QueerBoy”

When I was in Junior High and High School, there was not a place I dreaded more than the locker room. I did not hate the locker room because I had to take my clothes off in front of other people, or because other naked men were all around me. I did not hate it because I was afraid of exposing others to who I was. I did not hate it because we had no real adult supervision.

I hated the locker room for the “locker room talk.”

First, I offer an aside. I am not here to give exposure or feed the ego of the “candidate that should not be named.” I will not link to that individual to give him the exposure (though I might Tweet him about it later).

“Locker Room Talk” is not an excuse. “Locker Room Talk” is not acceptable or even dismissible behavior. “Locker Room Talk” contributes to a culture of bullying and it is never acceptable.

I have had my experiences with “Locker Room Talk” and they taught me about the world. “Locker Room Talk” taught me about homophobia. “Locker Room Talk” taught me how to fear the truth about who I would be. “Locker Room Talk” made me hate and fear who I am.

All “Locker Room Talk” allows is for weak people to assert power over people. Power does not come from “talk.” Power comes from action and truth. We should applaud those who act for the betterment of all people and not reward those who just talk.