Locker Room Talk

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Image from a JohnnyBarrtoons Work in Progress, “QueerBoy”

When I was in Junior High and High School, there was not a place I dreaded more than the locker room. I did not hate the locker room because I had to take my clothes off in front of other people, or because other naked men were all around me. I did not hate it because I was afraid of exposing others to who I was. I did not hate it because we had no real adult supervision.

I hated the locker room for the “locker room talk.”

First, I offer an aside. I am not here to give exposure or feed the ego of the “candidate that should not be named.” I will not link to that individual to give him the exposure (though I might Tweet him about it later).

“Locker Room Talk” is not an excuse. “Locker Room Talk” is not acceptable or even dismissible behavior. “Locker Room Talk” contributes to a culture of bullying and it is never acceptable.

I have had my experiences with “Locker Room Talk” and they taught me about the world. “Locker Room Talk” taught me about homophobia. “Locker Room Talk” taught me how to fear the truth about who I would be. “Locker Room Talk” made me hate and fear who I am.

All “Locker Room Talk” allows is for weak people to assert power over people. Power does not come from “talk.” Power comes from action and truth. We should applaud those who act for the betterment of all people and not reward those who just talk.

My Virginal Real Housewife Blog Post!

When I started this blog, it was inevitable that I would write about Real Housewives. I watch all of them religiously. I tweet like someone possessed! I then get riled up by adrenaline and wine. I calm down by calling watch what happens hoping my carefully written questions will be selected by producers even thought I slur the words with my affected, southern, gay-inflected voice. It’s cringe-worthy.

So, do I write posts about each episode? I can’t drink, tweet, and formulate a written response? I don’t have it in me. But it’s been a few days and I can still deliver an opinionated recap faster than an Atlanta Housewife (even thirsty Kenya). So, let’s do this!

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I love the Blake Babies!

So, if you know me… this is not all that shocking. I love music. Always have. I used to be fairly mainstream. I had every Madonna record within seconds of their release – at least as soon as I could get out of school.

Growing up in Bridgewater, Virginia limited my musical landscape–at least that’s what I thought. Thank GOD for insomnia and “120 Minutes” on MTV. One night, when I could not sleep, I saw a girl spinning around while professing that “everybody loves me, everyone but you.” Color me hooked! I had a habit of videotaping MTV so I rewound the tape and found the name “Juliana Hatfield.” I wrote the name down (pre-internet), went to the mall record store, and the rest was history. Continue reading

Welcome to JohnnyBarrToons


QueerBoy Cover Draft

Hi! I am Johnny Barr… and I love to draw cartoons. I am working on a graphic novel that I hope to release at one point. It’s a bit large and I find the undertaking to be a bit daunting but I am getting there.

I just want to have a place on the web to write–about anything! I plan to muse over issues that interest me. Topics could be music, culture, or even the Real Housewives of whatever city is airing on Bravo.

This post is only an introduction–a public statement to hold me accountable to writing. I will also post a teaser of my cover… to also hold me accountable.

Stay tuned and follow me on twitter or instagram at @johnnybarrtoons.